Document Management Software Solution

Document Management Software Solution

Document Management Software Solution
DMS Software

What is Document Management Software Solution?

You can convert hard copy documents into digital format using Document Management System (DMS). Users can define own indexing for digitized documents. Users use DMS System secured storage and retrieval of these documents when required. One can use the DMS system for securely storing computer-generated documents. You can track various versions of the documents, that are created over a period, using DMS System.  One can build a system based workflow for processing of digitized documents using the DMS System.

Customer issues

Documents are stored in a scattered manner in most of the organizations. Example of such documents are contracts, work orders, invoices, statements, reports, technical documents, medical records and even emails. People who are responsible for processing such documents have to physically locate them for processing. Thus they spend a significant amount of time in locating such documents. Customer many a time are not able to locate required document in time. This results in the following:

  • Delay in locating required documents as well as Affects business processes as efficiency goes down
  • Processing cost also increases
  • In addition there could be compliance issues as users are not able to locate documents in time
  • Duplication of work further more as every process requires data to be manually entered and worked upon
  • Costly real estate space occupied for storing of hard copies also

How Document Management Software Solution can help

  • Digitized indexed documents can be easily retrieved
  • Information is available on users fingertips
  • User can use OCR & ICR Technologies to speed up data extraction and also allow do away with errors that are associated with manual data entry
  • Allows use of system-based workflow so that Business Process operations become highly efficient
  • One can run various business processes also in an integrated manner
  • Customer can save large amount of time & efforts resulting in a significant reduction in cost of operations
  • All business compliances can be moreover met with ease
  • Frees up costly real estate space by moving hard copies to less costly premise and also by using services of Records Management company
  • Allow you prepare digital Data DR site also

Our Solution

Our service is built around a time-proven world-class product. Such system is in use by various customers from different industry segment.

We are able to offer a solution covering all the stages that a document has to go through. These stages include:

  • Recording paper documents
  • Managing documents that are already in a digital format
  • Indexing of documents moreover
  • Building a secure electronic cabinet and also Powerful search & retrieval engine
  • Integrating with workflow engines for system based processing of digitized documents

We can also help you set up a cloud based Document Management system using our solution.

General features:

  • One can create Centralized repository for digitized documents
  • Easy to use web application and also Multiuser access in a secured way
  • Define ‘page types’, also Folders and likewise Groups as per your business need
  • Permits security settings at group also folder level.
  • Easy search option based on ‘Meta-tags’
  • Full text search option, also Full view option
  • Download documents that are required (based on access rights)
  • Bookmarking of scanned pages
  • MIS reporting for monitoring and likewise tracking access
  • Workflow option equally important

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