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We, at DSK Global Solutions, are offering innovative technology based IT Solutions. Our vision is to offer latest technology based solution which allow our customer investment protection. We analyze customer’s requirement, check their business requirements, carefully choose & demonstrate the relevant solution, carry out proof of concept as necessary and offer a techno-commercial proposal.
We assist our customers with required hand holding & guidance to move from manual system or from an existing outdated system to new system. We work closely with our customer in ensuring proper timely implementation of the system. Customer’s key employees are also trained on the new system.

‘Customer Delight’ is our motto.
Most of our new business originates from references that we get from our existing customers!
Summary of some of the Major Technology Solution that we offer is as given below:


HRMS & Payroll Software

The solution that we offer is in use, trusted and appreciated by clients from all segments across India & Overseas. With the fully integrated solution that we offer HR, Accounts, IT & Admin Teams have been immensely benefited. Read more…


Fixed Assets Management Solution (Software, Hardware, Fixed Assets Tagging & Tracking Services)

We offer a comprehensive, flexible and user-friendly FAMS Software. The software allow our clients to manage depreciation accounting keeping in view the requirements of India Companies Act, Income Tax Act as well as Management Act. The software help users manage entire life cycle of company Fixed Assets which include Warranty, AMC, Insurance etc. Integration with Barcode & RFID Technology allow user tag every fixed asset and do tracking with ease. We offer an end to end solution including physical Fixed Assets Tagging & Tracking Services. Read more….


Document Management Solution (DMS Software and Digitization Services)

DMS Solution that we offer is built around a time proven world class product in use by various customers from different industry segments across the globe. The solution covers all the stages that a document has to go through in a modern enterprise right from recording paper documents, managing documents that are already in a digital format, indexing of documents, building a secure electronic cabinet, powerful search & retrieval engine and integrating with workflow engines for system based processing of digitized documents. Our Solution allows our customer set up a cloud based Document Management solution catering to multiple locations. Read more..


Exports Documentation Software 

Exports Documentation Software that we offer is a windows based most comprehensive solution that functionally covers all exports documentation, license management and  also provides Management  Team with MIS reports. Exports Documentation Software allows you do error free generation of Exports Documentation and manage exports transaction forms. It assists you with tools that are required for executing export orders with perfection. Thus ensures your business moves forward with confidence in the competitive exports industry. You can manage licenses & documents systematically ensuring you cater to every details involved in export procedures with ease. It takes care of online applications, license details against export invoices, duty drawbacks claim against exports Invoices etc. Read more..
LED Display Board Solutions

LED Electronic Displays are an excellent way of visually conveying information. LED Display Boards show accurate information which can be updated at regular intervals. We provide LED Display Boards with user friendly software for ease of programming & usage. LED Display Boards are widely used in all the sectors ranging from Advertising, Manufacturing Industries, Health and Safety, Traffic Management, Schools, Colleges and Universities, etc. LED Display Board has become a must have product in today’s digital Era. We provide total customized solutions for business needs. Read more..



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