LED Display Boards

LED Display Boards

LED Display Boards


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LED Display Boards

LED Moving Message Display


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LED Electronic Displays are also an excellent way of visually conveying information. It show accurate information which can be updated at regular intervals. We provide not only LED Boards but also user friendly software for ease of programming & usage. LED Board technology is evolving at a rapid pace. We have been in the forefront in providing latest LED Display Boards to our customers.

LED Boards are used in all the sectors ranging from Advertising, Manufacturing Industries, Health and Safety, Traffic Manage, Schools, Colleges and Univ, etc. LED Boards used for display have also become a must have product in today’s digital Era. We provide customized solutions for business needs.

LED Boards used for Information Displays are effective alternate for traditional notice boards. Key Features are:

  • Indoor and also Outdoor Displays
  • Numeric as well as Alphanumeric with multilingual display capabilities
  • Various color options like RED, Blue, Green, Amber etc. also
  • Option of communication interface like Serial, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wireless etc also


LED Display Boards – Solution Range


Scroll Display Boards (Outdoor / Indoor)

  • Single Line Scroll Display Boards,
  • Double Line Scroll Display Boards also
  • Multi Line Scroll Display Boards also

  • Digital Clock
  • Fix Message Display Board also
  • Token Display Board also
  • Entry and also Exit LED Display
  • Open and also Close LED Display


Head Count LED Display Boards

  • Single Door Head Count with Door Frame
  • Multi Door Head Count with Door Frame


Token LED Display Boards

  • Wired Token Display with Voice and also without Voice
  • Wireless Token Display with Voice and also without Voice
  • Token Print also


Rate LED Display Boards

  • Gold Rate Display Board
  • Currency Exch Rate Display Board also
  • Bank Interest Rate Display Board
  • Public Display Board also
  • Temp & Humid Display Board


Game Score LED Display Boards

  • Cricket Score Display Board
  • Basket Ball Display Board
  • Custom made Score Display also


Countdown LED Display Boards

  • Increment / Decrement Counter Display
  • Timer Display also


Full Color Display Board

  • Outdoor Video Wall
  • Indoor Video Wall also


Wi-fi Production Monitor System

  • Production Display Board
  • Machine On and also Off Display Board
  • Machine’s Efficiency Display Board also
  • Process Cycle Time Display Board also
  • Pharma Production Display Board
  • Process Data Display also
  • Process Error Display Board also


Government Legal Info LED Display Boards

  • Habitat Data Display Board also
  • Safety Stats Display Board also


Toll Tax LED Boards

  • Toll Fare Display Board also
  • The Toll Info Display Board also


Weigh Bridge LED Display Boards


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