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Latest Tech Solutions for Your Business!

We offer Latest Technology based 'Smart IT solutions' at a ‘Reasonable Cost’

HRMS Software

We offer a revolutionary HRIS HRMS (Human Resource Management System) & Payroll Software India (HRIS Software) helps take the pain out of HR Management. Our HRIS Software is designed with a view to integrate all HR related functions right from recruitment, creating positions to disbursing pensions.

Fixed Assets Management Software

FAMS Software that we offer is very simple, flexible and user-friendly tool. It is designed for Asset & Depreciation Accounting as per requirements of India Companies Act and Indian Income Tax Act. It allow you maintain the data relating to Assets, its locations, servicing and depreciation accounting.

ERP Software GST based

We offer a comprehensive web based application that lets you gain better control in business operations related to GST Compliance. This software is designed to reduce overheads, improve efficiency and manage non-core business functions. Deploy an ERP software that would automate the entire GST computation process

Exports Documentation Software

Exports Documentation Software that we offer is a windows based most comprehensive solution that functionally covers all exports documentation, license management and also provides Management Team with MIS reports.

LED Display Boards

LED Electronic Displays are an excellent way of visually conveying information. LED Display Boards show accurate information which can be updated at regular intervals. We provide LED Display Boards with user friendly software for ease of programming & usage. LED Display Board technology is evolving at a rapid pace. We have been in the forefront in providing latest LED Display Boards to our customers.

Integrated Marketing Communications

We help your business identify an integrated marketing plan that will reach out to the targeted audience & interested buyers. This will help your business realize more business out of your marketing efforts. We offer all aspects of services needed for a successful digital campaign from the formulation of your digital strategy.

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