Fixed Asset Management Software

Fixed Asset Management Software

Fixed Asset Management Software

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We offer full fixed assets management solution. It covers supply & maintenance of Fixed Assets Management Software, Fixed Assets Verification as well as Tagging services

Fixed Asset Management Software

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FAMS Software is simple, flexible user friendly. It is designed for Asset & Depreciation Accounting as per requirements of India Companies Act as well as Indian Income Tax Act. It allow you maintain the data relate to Assets, its locations, service and depreciation accounting.

Fixed Asset Management Software Features:

  • Full Asset list up to parts level further broken into piece of cost.
  • Powered With RDBMS Technology ( MS Access / MS SQL / Oracle ) Compatible with ERP Solutions ( Navision , SAP)
  • Compatible with Accounting Software Like ( Tally ).
  • Compatible with any Barcode Label Print Machine.
  • Master Data Import.
  • Multi User / User Level Access
  • Minimum User Entry
  • Multi Company

Fixed Asset Management Software Statutory Reports:

  • FA Plan as per Companies Act , IT Act and also as per MNC
  • Legal form of FA Register moreover
  • Auto compute of Gain / loss as Per I.T. on dump of assets also
  • Different methods of depreciation viz. SLM, WDV, also on Expiry of Life of the asset.
  • Daily Shift mark for depreciation compute
  • Manage forex loss and also cenvat

Fixed Asset Management Software Features:

  • Different accounting books ( companies Act ), IT and also MNC years.
  • Insurance valuation Report moreover
  • Remind for AMC, Warranty as well as Insurance Expiry
  • Full manage of AMC, Warranty Expiry and also Service of assets.
  • Detail Depreciation Compute asset wise, location wise as well as cost center wise
  • Data Access Control moreover
  • MIS Reports for Asset Purchase as well as dump
  • Relocation reports for assets as well as parts.
  • Use Account codes
  • Export of List entry for depreciation .

It is a Windows run application. It has got good report writer. Reports can be viewed as well as printed. It can also be exported to CSV, Excel etc.

Import of Data

FA data can also be imported into the software. Data for upload to be in Excel as well as CSV format.


Allow view charts & graphs for Depreciation, Cost, WDV etc.

Fixed Asset Management Software – Report Writer

It has good report writer. One can design own custom reports. Reports can also be saved as draft.

Fixed Asset Management Software – Depreciation Compute

It help compute devalue. This help save time as well as cost. It also does away with compute errors.

Barcode Link for Physical Verification of FA

It help link barcode reader. This help use barcode for physical verification of FA

We also offer onsite services as a part of the end to end FA Manage Solution

  • FAR Create also
  • FA Verify
  • FA Reconcile morevoer
  • Tag (Barcode and also RFID)


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