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Best Payroll Software Mumbai Payroll in Tally Prime Payroll Management System Payslip Software HR Payroll Software Error Free Payroll Software

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Best Payroll Software Mumbai Payroll in Tally Prime Payroll Management System Payslip Software HR Payroll Software Error Free Payroll Software


Payroll Software

The Payroll Software is flexible. It allows users to define income, debits, loan heads, and calculate formulae tables with ease. It manages all accounting needs and staff payroll ably. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the process for users. Thus making it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes. The s/w generates crucial outputs and legal reports for payroll needs. This feature is readily integrated into a complete HR management software package.



  • User Define Income & Debits
  • Leave & Attendance Manage also
  • Loan & Advance Manage
  • Payroll Process also
  • Wages Reports
    (Pay slip & Wages Sheet also)
  • Bank Transfer also
  • Reimburse Manage
  • Arrears Calculate also
  • Other Payments also
  • PF Calculate & Reports also
  • ESIS Calculate & Reports
  • PT also
  • IT Manage
  • F&F Settle also
  • User Define Reports
  • Reports also
  • Data Import also
    (Masters, Wages & Leave Record)
  • HR Functions also
  • Other Add on Modules also
  • User Rights also


Detailed Features – Payroll Software

Flexible Structure building capability of Earnings & Deductions

  • Flexibility to add or modify any number of Wages Components – Income & Debits also
  • User Define Entry Field with very good flexible for Formula, percentage or Custom Calculate
  • Taxable & Non Taxable Income for Income Tax Calculate
  • Pay slip / Non Pay slip part
  • Calculate based on Attendance
  • Monthly or Yearly Payments


Leave & Attendance Manage

  • Leave Rules can be define
  • Increment of Leave on Pro-rata basis
  • Carry forward facility for balance leave
  • Encashment of Leave
  • Leave Utilizes & Balances can be checked
  • CL, PL, SL, Compensatory & Customize Leaves
  • Auto Leave pay out on terminate of Staff (in Full & Final Settle)
  • Swipe card / Attendance m/c if any can be linked to our s/w
  • Attendance Arrears
  • Monthly Attendance Register & Yearly Attendance Outline


Loan & Advance Manage

  • User Definable Loans / Advances (Multiple)
  • Loan Disbursement choice with EMI choice
  • Auto take back of EMI & stops on its own once the Loan amount is totally recovered
  • Auto calculate of Interest on Loans based on Flat Interest, Reducing Balance
  • Lumsum take back of Loan
  • Interest free Loan Perquisites as per Income Tax
  • Loan Recovered, Loan Balances & Loans History Employee wise


Payroll Processing

  • Input info for all newly joined staff and resign left staff
  • Create a new payroll month & Process Wages
  • Over-ride facility for any Wages parts
  • Wages on Hold & Freezing of Wages in case of Termination of Staff
  • Process by Exception – you only need to enter Pay and / or deduction information when there are changes
  • Pro-rata calculate for staff based on Absent
  • Process & Print Pay slips for groups or for select staff
  • Lock month facility to avoid changes in Processed Data


Salary Reports (Payslip & Wages Sheet)

  • Auto calculates all the income, debits & Company Contributions as per the need also
  • Regular Pay slips (with Logo) can be viewed or Emailed also
  • Reimbursement Pay slips can be viewed or Emailed also
  • User define Wages Sheets can be viewed also
  • Creates Cash / Cheque / Bank Transfer List also
  • Create Bank Statement, Direct Electronic Bank transfer files & Covering Letter for Banks also
  • YTD wages Sheet & Outline of each employee also
  • Separate Pay slips can be created for Arrears, Medical, Reimbursement & LT also


Bank Transfer – Payroll Management System

  • Bank Transfer Statement facility at hand for all the banks
  • Soft copy format also at hand in Excel or any format specified by different banks
  • Bank Transfer Statements can be created for both Regular, Reimbursement Payments & Supplementary Payments
  • Cover Letters
  • Cheque / Bank Transfer / Cash List


Reimbursement Manage – Best Payroll Software Mumbai

  • Multiple Reimbursement of parts like Medical , LTA & Customizable Reimbursement 
  • Upper limits can be specified Employee wise or also Grade wise
  • Annual Limits or Monthly Accruals
  • Opening Balance, Entitlement, Amount Reimbursed and as well as Balance amount can be checked
  • Reimbursement Pay slips, Bank transfer statement for Reimburse part


Arrears Calculate – Payroll Management System

  • Arrears calculate for any previous period / Retrospective effect
  • Separate Pay slips can be created for the Arrears parts
  • Bank transfer statement for Arrears part


Other Payments – Payroll Management System

  • Arrears Calculate
  • Gratuity, Bonus & Exgratia Calculate also
  • Reimburse – Medical, LTA or any other user definable reimbursement
  • Supplement Payments also
  • Monthly Reconciliation – allow us to compare the changes in the pay parts from last month to this month or for any number of months also


PF Calculate & Reports – Payroll in Tally Prime

  • User define PF Rate of Deduction for Employer as well as Employee
  • Employee & Employer part also
  • Auto Bifurcation of EPF & EPS also
  • PF relevancy check at Employee Level
  • Choice to Limit Maximum Wages for PF Deduction also


Payroll in Tally Prime – ESIS Calculate & Reports

  • User define ESIC Rate of Deduction for Employer & Employee
  • ESIC relevancy check at Employee Level also
  • ESIC Register, Form 5, 6 & Challan also


Error Free Payroll Software – Professional Tax

  • User definable State wise Slab also
  • PT apt check at Employee Level also
  • Form III & Challan also


Income Tax Manage – Best Payroll Software Mumbai

  • Auto calculate of relief & also Debits
  • Compute income tax payable for the full year & as well as the tax to be paid this month
  • Auto calculate of TDS based on Project also
  • Income Tax Project with the choice to deduct projected TDS from Monthly Wages also
  • Prints Form 16, 16AA, 12BA & Challan 281 also
  • Quarterly e-TDS Return as per the NSDL format
  • Income Tax Project can be email in PDF format also


Full & Final Settle – Payroll Management System

  • Staff Full & Final settle can be made based on resign of Staff either in the current month or in the prior month also
  • Auto calculates o/s Loan balances also
  • Notice pay and also Leave Encash
  • Gratuity and take back all Loan balances and IT Tax also
  • Makes Full & Final Settle Calculate sheet for all the calculate done


Payroll in Tally Prime – User Define Reports

  • User Define Reports also
  • Choice to choose from the at hand field
  • User can define his own custom report also
  • Sort, Group, Sub total, last total & Terms can be define also


Reports – Best Payroll Software Mumbai

  • O/P reports to screen, printer, MS Word & Excel also
  • Choice to view Pay slips / Wages Sheets or any other reports on display before final print also
  • Print Transact & Master History for any time also
  • Create report is made easy with filter fn to select the apt staff or groups for the report also
  • Prints any of our report for the prior time also


Data Import (Masters, Wages & Leave Record)

  • Staff & Payroll Data if at hand in Excel can Import to our s/w also


HR Functions – Error Free Payroll Software

  • Loan Details
  • Qualification also
  • Work Exp also
  • Earning Members
  • Dependent 
  • Likes & Feats also
  • Check list & Attach Train
  • Commit & Aims also
  • Discip & Appraise also
  • Many Remind also


User Rights – Payroll in Tally Prime

  • Users can be created also
  • User Level Rights can be made and manage also


Other Add Ons – Best Payroll Software Mumbai

  • Bridge of Payroll S/w with Tally also
  • Cheque Print Module also


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