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Payroll Software India

The Payroll Software Manage System

Payroll HRMS Software

This Software that we offer is easy to use, flexible and simple tool made specifically for India customers. It allows take care of need of Management of employee Payroll as well as related accounting. The Software keeps full record of Employee data, attendance data, computes salary allowances & deductions. It makes pay slips and also all law needed & MIS reports.

Software allow flexibility in defining various leave rules, allowances, deductions etc related to employees for salary compute and also auto calculates PF, EPF, ESIC, PT, IT related pay outs based on data / also formula entered.

Software can be purchased as a stand alone app or can be bought as a part of HRMS SW. It is fully linked with various other HRMS modules and also works as a one single system.


Key Features

  • Windows based
  • Powered With RDBMS Technology ( Ms Access / Ms SQL / also Oracle )
  • Works with certain ERP Solutions and Accounting Software
  • Ready with data exports format of various banks used for e transfer of employee salaries
  • Works with most of the Time Recording Machine
  • Master Data Import facility
  • Multi User / as well as User Level Access
  • Minimum User Entry
  • Can manage multi company data
  • Allows flexible user defined Allowances , Deduction ( Set your Own Formula / Fixed Pay / Annualized Pay etc. )
  • Full & Final Settlement
  • Nice Report Writer also


Payroll HRMS Software – Statutory Reports

  • Salary Register
  • ESIC Challan, also PF Challan
  • The ESIC FORMS Form 6 & 7
  • PF FORMS Form 3a , 5 ,6a ,9 ,10 ,12a
  • E.D.L.I. Form 4
  • PENSION Form 6 , 7 & 8
  • Professional Tax FORMS Form 3 Part 1
  • ITNS Challan 271 / 280
  • Income Tax FORMS Form 16a , Form 16AA , 12BA , 24 , eTDS Form 24 & Form 24Q
  • Wage Register


Leave Management

  • Auto leave balance compute based on user defined policies
  • The Leave Rules – wide Leave Rules can be built in
  • Max days for each type
  • Allows compute based on working days / as well as calendar days
  • Define & also set leave carry forward rules
  • Auto Credit based on set rules, as well as on accumulation basis
  • Facility to for crediting leave based on number of days/ also months worked
  • Encashment rules & also computes
  • Pro rata leave credit each month, also as & if applicable


Income Tax Management

  • IT Project and related TDS computes on monthly basis from salary
  • Making of Form 16 , Form 16AA, Form 12 BA , Form 24 and ITNS 271 / 280 Challan of Income Tax.
  • eTDS Form 24, Form 24Q and also Form 27A Making
  • Provide for considering past emoluments in case an employee joins in between financial year.
  • The Provision for storing projected investment amount declared by the employee. Reports on variance between declared and made investment.
  • Auto Perk Compute for Sub Loan Interest, House, Car etc.
  • Exemption Compute for HRA, Medical, LTA etc.


Loan Manage

  • Manage diff loans given to employees
  • User given loan name
  • Auto interest compute for Loans with EMI option
  • Auto / also manual deduction from pay slip till full recovery of loan
  • Provision of lump sum loan recovery
  • Month wise Breakup Report for installments deducted.
  • Last balance report for loans
  • Allow Manage multiple of loan thru single deduction from salary
  • Compute of Interest Perk ( also as per IT compute )


Web based Payroll Software  

is a full web based system. It comes with modules like Employee Info Manage, Leave & Attendance Manage, PayRoll Manage to cover major aspects of the HR domain.


Payroll HRMS – Employee Info Manage

This module help HR Team to focus on proactive, strategic work by automating the routine, reactive, “admin” work.Features

  • State of the art and user friendly web based GUI. Instant, online access to info (leave balances, application status, salary slips, etc.)
  • Faster response as well as turn around time.
  • Auto email alerts of application status to employees, managers & also HR admin
  • Avoid duplication of effort & manual entry of transactions by HR admins.
  • Huge reduction in HR transaction costs.
  • Save major time, lets HR Team focus on strategic work.
  • Less employee stress as well as  improve team spirit.
  • Track events like birthdays, anniversaries, confirmations, license expiry dates, etc with auto reminder facility.
  • Centralized tracking of documents related to employees, scanned content and also issued letters.
  • User as well as Admin level security rights.
  • Export of documents/registers/letter to Word, Excel and also PDF formats. .
  • Online release important company info such as handbooks, policies, procedures, forms etc. online

  • Dept, also Division
  • Position, as well as Pay Grade
  • Designation, also Shifts
  • Employee Details
    • Official Details, as well as Personal Details
    • Communication Details
    • Additional Details of employees
      • Qualification, also Skills
      • Test, as well as Training
      • Tax Benefits
      • Previous Employer Details
      • Asset Details also


Reports – Payroll Software

  • Employee Register – Official Details
    • Dept wise, also Division Wise
    • Position Wise, as well as Pay Grade wise
    • Designation Wise, also Shift Wise
    • Employee Register – Official & Personal Details
    • The Employee Register – Additional Details
    • Event & Remind Register – Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, etc.
    • Appointment Letter, also Employee Confirm Letter
    • Reliving  Letter, as well as Employee Termination Letter
    • Asset Register


Payroll Software – Leave & Attendance Manage

The Leave and Attendance Manage module automates all aspects of the payroll domain with very little manual effort need. This module works well with any type of time track hardware like biometric devices, RFID, also smart cards, etc.


List – Payroll Software

  • Works seamlessly with any type of time track hardware like biometric devices, RFID, also smart cards, etc.
  • Simple employee leave manage helps you tackle multiple concerns in a single stroke
  • Transparency of records in maintaining employee leaves records
  • Reduction in HR intervention as well as time saving monthly attendance
  • Auto adjust of employee absentee against available paid leave balances
  • Prevents effective admin of company’s leave policy and also employee’s team spirit
  • Help keep track on the daily attendance of employees, leave details, also comp offs, etc
  • Keeps the movements register of each and every employee while they are on tour
  • Keeps details of the employees who have resigned
  • Provides the admin a full control over the module. Also allows him to make changes into the attendance details, input the leave info of the employees going on leave and tour details in case the employee goes out on official tour
  • Makes various imp reports like the daily and monthly attendance register, the leave report, late comers report, early leaver’s report, employees special timings report, etc.
  • Generate reports in user defined formats so as to reduce the paper work
  • Export of reports in various formats such as HTML, PDF, and Excel etc.
  • It eliminates follow ups among the leave admin and also employee
  • Save time as well as transaction costs


Payroll Software – Leave Master Setup

  • Public Holiday
  • Approval
  • Denial
  • Reason for Approval / also Denial
  • Type – PL/CL/ also TL, etc
  • Leave Repository Yearly
  • Employee Leave Allocation – Monthly / as well as Yearly
  • Online Leave Apply
  • The Leave Authorization


Attendance Master Setup

  • Weekly – off Creation
  • The Weekly – Off Allocation – Location wise / Employee Wise
  • Muster Make :
    • Branch wise, also Division wise
    • Dept wise, as well as Position wise
    • Grade wise, also Designation wise
    • Labour / also Employee wise
    • Muster Register – Monthly / Daily :
      • Branch wise, also Division wise
      • Dept wise, as well as Position wise
      • Grade wise, also Designation wise
      • Labour / as well as Employee wise
      • Employee Shift Manage
      • Import Attendance
      • Online Daily attendance (for employee on Tour / also OD)



  • List of Holiday – Branch Wise / also State Wise

  • Muster Attendance Register – Employees / as well as Consultant

  • Employee wise Tour / also Leave Info

  • Daily Attendance Report

  • Project Manager Wise Attendance Report

  • Late come / as well as Early Leave Report

  • Also Employee Total Work Hours

  • Monthly Attendance Details

  • Leave Application / also Authorized Register

  • Employee wise Leave Register


The PayRoll Manage in Payroll HRMS Software

The Payroll Manage module is made to efficiently process staff earnings and also deductions in line with local laws governing staff in specific regions/countries.


List – Payroll HRMS Software

  • Menu Driven program with web based & also user friendly GUI
  • No errors as well as speed up your pay process
  • Meet all tax compliance line IT (TDS) / PF / ESIC, etc.
  • Handles all needs include salary advances, loans and auto EMI deductions, arrears, reimbursements, bonus etc.
  • Gain total control of the staff pay process.
  • Makes Pay Slips and also auto email to all employees

  • User made process and payment periods; Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Yearly or any other user made period also
  • Tax Terminal benefits using any newly made rules or chosen guidelines
  • Support Periodic or Annual salary increments which may be defined as per the various payroll categories / as well as classifications.
  • Ensuring 100% accuracy, huge time savings and also highly satisfied employees.
  • Export of reports in various formats such as RTF, HTML, EXCEL, PDF, etc.


Payroll Software – Input / Function


The PayRoll Software Master Setup

  • Salary Heads Create – Basic / HRA/ DA/ TA, etc.
  • Pay Structure – Branch wise / Position wise / Pay Grade wise / as well as Employee wise
  • Tax Slab – IT structure
  • Employee Loan & Advances – Interestable / No Interestable & also Re Pay Plan
  • Monthly Changeable Salary Heads
  • Salary Cheque Print also


The Payroll Software Generate

  • Branch wise as well as Division wise
  • Dept wise
  • Position wise as well as Grade wise
  • Designation wise
  • Employee / also Laborer wise


Payroll Software – Taxation

  • Perquisite
  • Form 16 / also Form 16A Master
  • A Form 16 Details – Employee
  • Form 16 A Details – Consultant
  • TDS Challan Form
  • PT Challan Form


Payroll Software – The Reports

  • Payslips
  • Debit Note for Consultants
  • Salary Sheet
  • Bank Transfer Advice
  • Employees PF
    • PF Challan
    • Form 3A [Quarterly]
    • A Form 6A [Half Yearly]
    • Form 12A  [Yearly]
    • Employees ESIC
      • ESIC Challan
      • CA Certify Form 5A


Payroll Software – Reports

  • An Employee TDS
    • TDS Challan
  • Employees PT
    • PT-FORM3 Return Cum Challan [Quarterly]
    • PT-Form 8
  • IT Projection Report
  • The Form 24 Q – Employees [Quarterly]
  • A Form 26 Q – consultant [Quarterly]
  • Form 16 – Employee
  • The Form 16A – Consultant
  • Form 128A [Perquisite]
  • Employee Loan / as well as Advance


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