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HR Management System

HR Management System

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A HR Management System

HRIS Software


HR Management Software


We offer a unique HRIS HRMS (Human Resource Management System). We also offer Payroll Software India. It helps take the pain out of HR Management. Our HRIS SW is made with a view to link all HR jobs. This include recruitment, creating positions to disbursing pensions. It is a perfect HRIS Solution which allow strong Employee Management System.

The Software offers company wide info collect and logical grouping. Thus provide in depth trend analysis for ever growing companies. This aims at make use of any given opportunity for optimum HR Management in the existing infra structural and manpower boundaries.

Older school of thought had equated HR with inventory tracking. It has given way to the new one that equates HR with Asset Management. Research says that 80% of HR is taken up by admin, leaving a mere 20% for planning, analysis and improvement. It is all set to better balance this ratio. With Our HRMS / HRIS Software, your HR department is now equipped to work smart.


HR Info System (HRIS HR Management System) modules:

  • Payroll admin. (Payroll Software India)
  • Leave and also Attendance Mgmt. (attendance software)
  • Employee Database Manage
  • Manage Analytics also
  • Training as well as Development.
  • Performance Manage
  • Travel Expense Manage also
  • Recruitment Manage
  • Employee Exit Manage also

The Payroll Software India is also well linked with HRIS Software. It allows Administration of the payment of wages, salaries and pensions in line with organizational policies and government regulations. Our effort free Payroll Software India has many reports to meet various statutory as well as MIS needs. What’s more, we also provide Online HRMS HRIS Software on Cloud.


Payroll Software India module list:

The software is user friendly, flexible as well as simple tool. It also allow you manage Employee Payroll and related accounting. The HRMS Software stores full employee records, attendance register. The software also help make pay slips. It automates computation of all allowances as well as deductions. It also has a nice report writer tool which help make all statutory and MIS reports.

The HRMS Software offers high flexibility while defining as well as configuring leave rules, deductions, various allowances, etc for employees and formulas related to PF, EFP, ESIC, PT, Income Tax etc.

  • Salary Register also
  • ESIC FORMS Form 6 & 7 also
  • Also ESIC Challan
  • PF FORMS Form 3a , 5 ,6a ,9 ,10 ,12a
  • The PF Challan also 
  • E.D.L.I. Form 4 also
  • Prof. Tax FORMS Form 3 Part 1
  • ITNS Challan 271 / 280
  • PENSION Form 6, 7 & 8 also
  • IT FORMS Form 16a, Form 16AA, 12BA, 24,  also eTDS Form 24 & Form 24Q
  • Wage Register also


HR Management System – Leave & Attendance Manage

HRMS Software has online Attendance Manage System with employee self service module. It allow you define Organization wide or Dept wise or Shift wise or Group wise rules for Late mark / OD approvals. The HRMS Software also has a workflow system for approval by the Manager of his team’s OD, Late in/out request etc. Email & SMS link with workflow module is available.


HR Management System – Training & Development

T&D has become one of the most imp functions of HR these days. Most organizations these days have several training programs made for their employee. This help them keep in pace with changing business needs. Effectiveness of such programs is realized when the activities are conducted in a planned manner after a thorough need analysis. HRMS Software that we offer also has a module that is specifically made for such need.


Travel Expense Manage

This is a module of the HRMS Software. It allow define & also design a workflow for Reimbursement of vouchers related to Medical, LTA, OD etc. The data will also reflect in monthly processing of payroll.


HR Management System – Recruitments

Recruitment & Selection is core function of any HR Dept. This is the first step towards creating a best suitable pool of talent. It also gives strategic competitive advantage to the organization. Recruitment module allow drive the Recruitment process in a systematic, time bound and also transparent way.


Performance Appraisals

This module allow set up Appraisal Calender. It also help set Individual as well as Team -wise KRA’s. Also help in design & define workflow for Appraisals. Mapping scores with salary rise. Workflow also for management approval.


Employee Self Service Module

The module help employee check own info. It saves time as well as efforts put in by both employees & HR / Accounts staff in answering various queries. Module is configurable for management to decide what info that they wish to share with their employees. Allow employee to enter own update contact details, family details, Tax Declaration data apart from Attendance.


HR Management System Summary

A HR Management System

Software is also linked with the Payroll Software. It allow better control and also empowerment to the higher management team. The package’s flexible design allow it to be deployed in complex needs of various industry segment. The product has periodically improved based on feedback received from end users. It also come with powerful MIS reports module. It also allow users to design their reports and store it as templates.


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