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CRM Solution

CRM Solution


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CRM Solution


Mini ERP Solution

CRM Solution
CRM Solution

We are pleased to introduce an integrated cloud-based CRM. It is as well as Mini ERP software solution for companies to meet to entire business needs.


CRM Solution Allow You:

  • Manage Client’s Relation
  • Track Sales as well as Track Purchase
  • Manage Products and also Services
  • Inventory Manage (location-wise)
  • Manage Appointments as well as Meeting Notes
  • Manage Important Dates &  also Actions
  • Export Accounting Data to Tally
  • Co-ordinate with Teammates
  • Manage Business Leads
  • Assign Task to Co-Worker
  • See your Client’s Address on Map
  • Manage Multiple Addresses of your Clients


Make your Marketing efficient

  • Lead automation
  • Quotation Automation
  • Prospect Manage
  • Campaign Manage
  • Marketing Analytics


Make Sales Process Easier & Profitable – CRM Solution

  • Sales Reminders

  • Task Automation

  • Maintain History

  • Personalized Dash Boards

  • Quotation Making Automation with approval workflow also

  • Real-time reporting to company management.

  • Enhances the performance as well as self growth of Sales Team Members


Sales CRM Software that we offer manages all activities related to sales cycle right from leads till order closure. It is a much needed tool for your sales team which help them focus on their core activity so as to achieve sales target.

Sales CRM Software enables you record customers data, related leads, sales team’s activities, sales pipeline, proposal sent, follow-up done and also order closures.

It’s effective leads manage process helps the sales team prioritize their efforts, reminds them about activities, check their funnel and also do sales forecast. Management can check sales team’s activities, sales funnel, closures that are forecasted  as well as monitor productivity of each team member. Management MIS report help them do better sales forecasting.


Automation of Sales Process

Sales CRM Software help you automate your organization’s entire sales cycle. It gives a clear visibility on sales efforts, leads result, sales closures etc. Allow you see info any time which ensures higher sales as well as more profit.


CRM Solution – Leads Tracking

Sales CRM Software captures leads and also allow you track them online.  It allow you filter leads based on products, customers, sales team member, region, branch or department.  It provides every update on how leads are moving.


Sales Track & Forecast

Sales CRM Software provides a real time view on sales.  It allow you do real time sales forecast and help you plan resources that would be required to fulfill orders.  It also help do revenue projections based on payments that are in pipeline.


Management Analytics – CRM Solution

Sales CRM Software reporting tool gives management reports that any management would need from time to time on its sales results. Reporting tool help do resource forecast based on sales that is expected. Management also gets to know finance need v/s payments that are coming in and accordingly allow them take financial decisions.


CRM Solution : Motivation for Sales Team

Sales CRM Software allow you run your sales organization in a way that helps your sales team. They can check their sales quote, check their achievement till date. Also check incentives that they have earned and brings in much needed clarity on way forward. Thus it help motivate your sales team which results in better sales perform and profit for the organization.



  • Website Link also
  • Import as well as Export Manager Tool
  • Auto Lead Issue
  • Team Joint Efforts
  • User Hierarchy, also User Authorization
  • Email Synch
  • SMS Direct (Link with 3rd party SMS Gateway)
  • Customize Lead Needs
  • Define your Product Line, Campaigns, also Promotions
  • Track User Activity Logs
  • Custom Setup by Business
  • Lead Score
  • Search Features likewise
  • Manager Tool Kits
  • Console Reports also


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