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Environment Health & Safety – EHS Software

The EHS Software suite that we offer provides for Work Safety Data Manage

Why Safety Business Suite?

  • To make sure ruling consent
  • More able
  • Support public report of viable fulfilment


EHS Software – Useful Notes

  • Accident / Incident Manage (Work Safety, Nature Safety,  Asset Safety)
  • Conduct Based Safety
  • Risk Rate
  • Safety Audits
  • Task Manage
  • Corrective and also Preventive Action
  • Store Check
  • Training Manage
  • Document Check
  • Report Central


Suite – Accident / Incident Manage

Industry’s broad Accident  and also Incident manage solution help in line report and follow up of accidents (at work) and incidents (nature as well as asset).


Key List :

  • Incident View and Reports
  • Full Incident Reporting & also Inquiry
  • Full Root Cause Probe
  • Corrective as well as Preventive Actions Manage
  • Ruling Forms
  • Case manage
  • Worker loss pay


Suite – Conduct Based Safety

Provides a linked solution to manage BBS program in com­pany. It has study track to data review. The solution framework provides broad data manage ability. It also allows for all BBS style at present used in the industry.


Key List :

  • Study Data Manage
  • Manage Activity Score also
  • Company Wide as well as Site Level Safety Conduct
  • Swing Charts
  • Metrics & Stats per Each Conduct
  • Corrective Action Item Track as well as Alerts
  • Conduct sign


Suite – Risk Rate

A risk rate is a careful study of what, at  work, could cause harm to people. So that you can weigh up whether you have taken enough precautions or should do more.  Provides ability for managing at work safety including standard opening methods for Risk Study.


Key List :

  • Boost risk visibility and grip among key partner through view. It also has real time info on risk easing and quality  perform.
  • Drives best ways with pre formatted forms
  • Corrective action as well as preventive action


Suite – Safety Audits

Logical study to find whether activities and related results conform to the planned steps. Also whether they are applied well and are fit to satisfy company policy needs and also goal. It helps you track findings, guidance, study and best way and take corrective actions as needed. Provides ability to trace critical finds that may need to be monitored in the future also


Key List :

  • Record audit results, document finds and also take corrective actions.
  • Use the protocol libraries for audits, checklists, corrective actions as well as linked tasks
  • Audit Follow up and Close out: Track one or more corrective actions for a checklist item, finds or audit.
  • Track corrective action tasks to complete with auto email alerts


Suite – Task Manage

Enterprise Task Manage Software. It automates the meaning, delegation, and issuance of tasks. The software also makes work more visible. It provides a simple and easy user GUI to track tasks, notify associates, and also automate routine work. Thus it makes workers and managers more organized, fruitful, and helpful.


Key List :

  • Make one time or repeat task , give and alert, teams and  also supervisors at the floor level
  • Helps you to organize, give tasks and also arrange tasks all from a central place.
  • Track task progress to complete as well as manage resource needs
  • Get task results and also costs


Suite – Corrective Action Preventive Action

Corrective and preventive action are upgrade to company processes. It helps remove causes of objection or other unwanted case. CAPA is a concept within good manufacturing practice (GMP). It focuses on the systematic find of the root causes of objections in an attempt to prevent them happening again (for corrective action) or also to prevent occurrence (for preventive action).


Key List :

  • Creating corrective as well as preventative action plans
  • Split up these action plans into work tasks, and also track their progress
  • Auto email alerts to the those involved at the company based on their role as well as scope of activity
  • Action plan monitor also


Suite – Godown Inspect

Godown inspect software give storage facility operators the chance to improve warehouse facility safety, capacity as well as efficiency.

It covers

a) Fire Extinguisher – Monthly

b) Temp as well as RH – Daily

c) Pest Control – once 15 days

d) Fire Drill training – Quarterly

e) BOPT & HRT checks

f) Hose reel & Alarm system

g) Electrical Checks

h) House keep


Key List :

  • Safety
  • Confidence
  • Environment
  • Cost Saving also


Suite – Training Manage

A Training Manage System is a software app for the admin, documentation, track, report and also delivery of education courses or training programs. Industries use TMSs to deliver online courses and also add on campus courses. Company training departments use TMSs to deliver online training, as well as automate record keep and employee enroll.


EHS Software – Key List :

  • Allot training needs by employee job title, department, as well as facility
  • Make reports that list incomplete employee training needs also
  • Plans upcoming classes and document attendance at past training time
  • Monitors and also rates total training costs by employee, course, and instructor


EHS Software Suite – Document Control

Provides linked document management  systems (DMS) to track and store digital documents


EHS Software – Key List :

  • Fully scalable document manage engine
  • Advance search also
  • Online Edit for text files
  • Ability to share the private document
  • Document view log also
  • Common user GUI the web
  • Access from key corporate systems such as portals and also ERP SW
  • Version, revision, routing as well as history log


EHS Software Suite – System List

  • IP Based Security
  • Multi location data manage
  • Multi Indian Languages also
  • Active Data select
  • Themes also
  • Role based User security
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • World in Class UI also
  • Complete App Stats
  • Documents privacy (public as well as private) with view log
  • Instant Email Notify also
  • Trendy as well as Ruling reports
  • News and Alerts also
  • Login History as well as Privacy. Current logged in user list
  • Useful Calendar & also Alerts
  • Usage representation by World map
  • Custom Logo also
  • Easy ISO Become easy with this system


Link Service – EHS Software

  • Able of providing Range of GUI and Link with Customer Internal also External Systems
  • Team Manage as well as Views all GUI.
  • Customer stake in Existing Systems are Optimized


Services – EHS Software

To fulfil the climate and safety laws in diff nation, a full “content manage” is available for Safety Business Suite. The content can be given thru preset GUI direct into the system.


Data Services – EHS Software

World over ruling support, sorting, finding, max limits, enroll status, transport,..


EHS Software – Customer Services

  • 24 x 7 Help Desk and also Tech Support Via Email
  • Dedicated Support Team who knows Customer Account, Company, Config, Business Rules, and Terms
  • Account Manager for Each Client
  • Weekly Check point Meet also 
  • Monthly as well as 3 Monthly Reports on Agreed Upon measure


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