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Tally Addons Modules Tally Add ons List Tally Plugins

Tally Addons Modules Tally Add ons List Tally Plugins Tally TDL Add Ons Tally Invoice Add Ons Tally Prime Add Ons Tally Add On Modules


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Tally Addon Modules Tally TDL Add Ons Tally Invoice Add Ons Tally Prime Add Ons Tally Add On Modules


Tally Addons Modules Tally Add Ons List Tally Plugins

As part of Tally Customization, we offer very useful ready to use Tally Addons Modules Tally Add Ons List Tally Plugins.


We offer following very useful and ready available modules for Tally:


MIS Tool for Tally

MIS Reporting Tool for Tally will allow users derive dynamic reports. This tool pulls data from Tally on Real Time basis. It does reporting for functions such as Sales, Purchase, Expense, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, etc


Society Module

This module is designed for Housing Societies. It enables Auto Billing, and also helps keep outstanding under control. Also allow hassle free GST compliance.


Barcode Scan with Print

This module help in generation and printing of Barcodes. The same can be used during entry of purchase invoice, for item master management and while stock transfer entry.


Voucher Approval

This module allow setup Voucher Authorization before it reflects in Accounts. It also provides logs from Creation till Entry


Salesman Module

This module help maintain sales person wise Sales and also Outstanding. Allow calculate commission based on achievement. It provides salesman wise reports also.


Address Book with also Import Master

This module allow you retrieve Address, Contact details and other registration details of Customers & also Suppliers.


Stock Item Master Import

This module helps import ledgers and stock items with relevant GST details. It also allow you easy migration from other software systems to Tally


Price List Import

This module allow the user import price list from Excel to Tally. Allows single upload and also saves time.


GST Bill Format

This addon allow you print invoice in required GST format.


SMS Module

This addon allow you send SMS from Tally. Thus it helps in brand building and build customer relationship.


Auto Back Up (also on Cloud)

It allow you take automatic backup of your Tally Data Locally and also on Cloud. It help restore the data from the backup during system failure or data loss.


Document Attach

This plugin allow user attach document to Vouchers and also Ledger Master. Thus it help achieve Document Management (search, view, print, share) in Tally.


Envelope Print

This addon allow the user print envelopes while sending printed mailers to Customers and Suppliers. It allows define place and size of print on envelope.


Auto Bill Email

With this module user can automatically Email Vouchers, Invoices, Orders once these transactions are saved in Tally.


Credit Limit Control

With this addon one can specify and also get Credit limit alerts. One can also configure % wise credit limit alerts.


Standard Narrations

This plugin allow user define Narrations. Thus it acts as a template which can be used during transactions.


Cancel Delete Voucher, Masters Restrict

This module can be used to restrict deletion and also cancellation of Vouchers for defined users.


Outstanding Print On Bill

This addon gives option to user to print outstanding amount on new invoice of the customer. Thus help alert the customer about its outstanding till date without having to send the same separately.


Negative Stock Block

By default Tally warns on Negative Stock but allows the voucher entry. This module will help block the entry.


Grid Lines in Each Report

This addon will allow user enable Grid Lines and also Borders in Reports.


With Tally hosted on Cloud, these modules also help achieve desired best results from anywhere.


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