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Cloud Data backup solution

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Cloud Data Backup Solution

Data DR Solution


Cloud based Back up Solution, Backing Up To Cloud, cloud based backup services Storage Cloud Backup

Digital Era

This is a fast change world. Every business rely on computers to run their business. These computers store business data. What if due to system fail or some disaster this data gets lost?


Data is most important

One can buy new computer but one will not be able to create data. It is therefore has become very important to create Data Disaster Recovery site (Data DR).


Secured – Cloud Data Backup solution

It is highly recommended that one need to securely store data back-up on a computer system outside business premises and preferably at a location which is not in the same seismic zone.  This ensures that in case of system failure or natural disaster, there is a data copy that is available for data restore.


World Class Cloud Data Backup Solution

We associate with global companies working in with large experience has helped us provide ‘Data DR’ solution to our customers.


Peace of Mind – Cloud Data Backup Solution

The solution offers users store their data online onto cloud based Servers in a secured way using Internet connectivity. The entire way of data backup runs in an automated manner save lot of time & effort at the same time providing ‘peace of mind’ to our customers.


Flexible & Scalable Solution

The Solution that we offer is simple and at the same time highly scalable. This has ensured that we offer solution to each customer segment right from an Single User to SME to Medium company to a Large company.


Salient Features – Cloud Data Backup Solution 

  • Cloud based Backup
  • Allow you also create Data DR site
  • Real Time or Scheduled backup
  • 256 Bit AES Encrypt
  • Facility of shipment of start data (being large in size) to Data Centre in secured way
  • Policy based backup
  • End User bandwidth manage
  • Changed Data Backup
  • Agent health monitor
  • Admin Console also
  • Highly Secured & Trusted Cloud infra
  • Back up solution for all


Cloud Data Backup Solution for Desktops, Laptops and Servers

Enable auto backups and also anywhere, anytime recovery. Solution is available for Windows, Mac and also Linux OS. Thus it offers simple, reliable, easy to use and secure solution to users. One can set up and implement data back up policy across company with ease. Also Admin now have control over back up process.


Automatic cloud data backup solution schedule less risk

Set up auto regular backups easily using back up client software. Thus human errors can be avoid.


Intelli file include and exclude

Set up which files and folders are backed up and restored using a range of select tools. These include filters and also profile features that help admin to set backup select. This help fast, clear backups, even over lower speed.


Fully scalable, Cloud data backup solution grows with your business

Solutions easy design provide you with many opt. It Is also for different computers and OS. This enable the solution to grow with your business.


Anywhere, anytime recovery

You can Recover critical data in seconds from the user’s computer or also remote. Clients can select data to restore and likewise data to exclude from the restore process. Clients can also start recovery, without the need for tech support.




Auto cloud data backup solution schedule

Avoid the risk of human error by automate the entire backup process using backup schedule feature.


Scalable and flexible cloud data backup solution / Cloud Online Backup

One to 1000s of client and/or servers with diff OS not only can be backed up to a central offsite DC (Host system) but also managed via a single console.


Data de dupli – Storage Cloud Backup / Backing up to Cloud

Dupli files are removed across all Backup Accounts. This saves bandwidth and also storage space.


Easy file select – Storage Cloud Backup / Cloud Online Backup

Use filters, profile and also file level include and exclude. This is to specify data to backup as well as restore and data to ignore.


Central admin for Cloud Data backup solution / Cloud Online Backup

A single manage console help backup admin to control backup and restore process and also configure all Backup Clients remote.


Client user self restore – Cloud Online Backup / Backing up to Cloud

Backup Client users can restore data direct to their workstations also on their own.


Fast Cloud Data Backup solution – Storage Cloud Backup / Backing up to Cloud

Server mode users have access to Backup, which is fast and also uses less disk space. Check our cloud data backup pricing.


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