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Unlimited Email Hosting Service

Unlimited Email Hosting Service


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Unlimited Email Hosting Service

Unlimited Email Hosting Service


We offer Safe, Ad-free private email hosting service for your Business.

We provide email services high on features, but low on price, made mainly for growing businesses.


Unlimited Email Hosting Service – Security

  • Strong Spam Control
  • Full SSL


Easy to Use

  • IMAP, Webmail
  • Files Service
  • Old Email Storage


Multiple Requirements

  • Prevent Data Theft
  • Active Directory Link
  • Hybrid with Gsuite / Office365


Unlimited Email Hosting Service – Support

  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Email, WhatsApp, Telephone
  • Client Config
  • With the Assure of a reputed customer base
  • Unbeatable, space based plans

Our plans are based on total space, not email id’s. Take XX GB of Space and also create any number of email id’s. Divide Space as you wish.


All Plans also include

  • Admin panel – you can manage your email, no IT expert reqd
  • Create unlimited email ids & domains and also divide the space as you wish
  • Files (file storage) and also Chat (IM) service – on plans above 25 GB, included in the same space
  • Email archival (independent copy of all incoming + outgoing mail) – please confirm if required
  • Webmail, IMAP, POP3 access – with forward & away messages also
  • Attach size of 25 MB also


Why choose Unlimited Email Hosting service offered by us?

  • Well set. Also Stable financially and in terms of ownership
  • Reputed customer base across ind verticals
  • Committed to customers, with no conflicts of interest
  • Customer support dedicated to deliver end results


Unlimited Email Hosting service Features

  • IMAP, POP3 (incoming) & SMTP (outgoing) support apart from Webmail (all with SSL/TLS)

Benefits : Use any standard client/app on any device or OS (Apple, Windows, Linux) or a browser. Data transfer is safe due to encrypt. With IMAP see the same folders & mails on all devices.

  • Email archive – 1 independent copy of all incoming+outgoing mail is saved in a separate area

Benefits : 1. Refer to any old email even when employees leave  2. Restore mailbox in case of loss/crash.    3. Monitor email activity for data theft.

  • Flexi architecture – Cloud email with in office archival

Benefits :Keep email arch for years on low cost hardware in your office

  • Email filters, forwards & away messages also

Benefits : Useful features to improve comfort for users & their output

  • Strong spam filter also

Benefits : Improves safety and also user output

  • Warning message for mails from external domains also

Benefits :Prevent financial losses due to fraud mails

  • Support for DKIM, DMARC, SPF also

Benefits : High security – assure of genuineness to your recipients

  • Policy support – outgoing mails, also attach restrict

Benefits :Prevent info leak

  • Flexi, space based plans also

Benefits :Pay only for what you need & reduce cost


Files Services Features

  • Folder Sharing with access controls also

Benefits :Create team/dept folders or sub-folders accessible only by members. Read-only access can also be given

  • Link share with exp also

Benefits :Share links to files (instead of sending as email attach)

  • Online viewing  of standard Off formats also

Benefits :Easy view without download, even for those who do not have the software

  • Mobile apps also

Benefits :Access & manage your files on the move, also from your phone

  • Mount as a drive on your system

Benefits :Drag/drop or copy/paste files; double click to open – like from any share, e.g. NAS box

  • Access files & folders though a simple console, with a browser

Benefits : Easy to use when access from other PCs; non IT users can also use it with ease.

  • Full text search also

Benefits :Search for files based on content, even when you don’t remember the name/folder

  • Quota for space manage also

Benefits :Manage space by assign quotas to users

  • Sync files auto also

Benefits :Auto backup files, and retrieve in case of crash/delete




Busy Executive – No Spam

Finance Manager – Likes less cost space based plans.

Sales Manager – Puts all sales collaterals for anywhere access by his team

Design Engineer – Shares drawing with customer using a link

Project Manager – Uploads latest draws for a site

Mr MD – Can monitor email activity with ease

Evil Exec – Tried to send price list to his gmail Id, BLOCKED

IT Executive – Restored lost email from arch

Sales Exec – Manages all mails & folders on the move, any device

HR Manager – Has set away messages and also Auto forward

Customer Support Exec – Not able to set up new phone, Calls Help desk


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